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MSP - Sabotage

Verfasst: Montag 20. Juni 2022, 14:30
von GlantiNewbie
Hallo zusammen,

der Materialspezialist hat wieder einen neuen Gl(anti) am Start. Ich persönlich bin mir nicht sicher ob es ein Glanti oder Anti ist... Es gibt ihn als 2 Ausführungen.. Lest selber: ... ::202.html


Re: MSP - Sabotage

Verfasst: Dienstag 21. Juni 2022, 08:00
von Def-attack
I have tried it, and it surley can be played like any other anti from der M. The top sheet has a glossy sort of plastic look to it. The defensive version has the same sponge as Reflection/Scandal/Diabolic ES. The all-version has s new green sponge, just a little harder and faster than SuperGlanti Attack I think.

You can block attacks as with any other anti fron der M but I think Störkraft and SuperGlanti gives more back spin on blocks, while Sabotage is easier for attacks and has a little more control. With the all-version in 1.0 on Stiga Carbonado 90 I could hit (not very hard though) against loose drives with slight top spin. And block spinny loops like with SuperGlanti (just with a little less back spin).

Re: MSP - Sabotage

Verfasst: Samstag 2. Juli 2022, 12:30
von Def-attack
Yesterday I got to use this rubber a little more. I have a green sheet in 1.5 mm and my friend Marcus has a black (both all-version) in 1.0.
This is a very interesting rubber, both top sheet and sponge. The top sheet feels rather frictionless, like a Störkraft ig gripo, but with a very different feel to the material. Störkraft is thin and hard, this is more like a normal rubber that has no friction at all (glossy). And the sponge is not a normal dampening sponge. When you bounce the ball on the bat it behaves like a normal rubber. It reminds me of Neubauers Power Attack, but this is more easy to block with I think (many years since I used Power Attack). And I think that the speed is about the same with the two different thicknesses I tried. If anything, the 1.5 mm is faster than 1.0. But arc is lower on 1.0, and spin reversal is a little better. With that it should be more easy to attack with 1.5 mm but I need to investigate that further.

Here is a short clip where I used the 1.5 mm version on Stiga Clipper Classic, then on Stiga Carbonado 90 and last on Palio TCT. We made more videos with Marcus where he used the black 1.0 version on his Palio TCT, that will appear later.